Vincii Retailer: Tumi & Peng

Vincii Retailer: Tumi & Peng

“We make things we want to wear”. This is Tumi & Peng, one of our pilot retailers and manufacturing partner’s, general business strategy. What follows is their story. 

Born in Lockdown

During the beginning months of SA’s lockdown, Peng (Sadiq Majal’s) cousin, Tumi, and her friends wanted tie-dye hoodies. What started as making something cozy for the unexpected long stay indoors soon turned into a side hustle from their living room. Which turned into a small business from the back of their gran’s house. Which turned into a fully operational business from a properly equipped and staffed factory in Athlone. 

stone crewneck

The Production Line

100% cotton, 100% locally made, 100% quality, sustainable fashion – that’s Tumi &Peng’s loungewear in a nutshell. All items are made with locally milled cotton and the material is pre-washed to ensure the garments do not shrink. Every garment is “make to order” i.e. nothing is massed produced. That means if you want to buy The Stone Crewneck (one of Tumi & Peng’s favourite creations) you send them your size and they make it specially for you. 

Why Buy Tumi & Peng?

They’re a local business, their material is sustainable and impeccable quality, and their pieces are closet staples. The better question would be “Why not buy Tumi & Peng?”.  But there is no answer to that. 

Tumi & Peng hoodies

Partners in Sustainable, Quality Manufacturing

When we asked Tumi & Peng what inspires them to do what they do their reply was, “Everyone should have access to affordable high-quality garments”

We couldn’t agree more. We are therefore extremely excited to have Tumi & Peng on board and even more so to have partnered with them as a manufacturer. This means that all retailers on Vincii will have access to Tumi & Peng’s manufacturing facilities. Tumi & Peng’s make-to-order model will make it easier for retailers to manage their stock and make production less risky. 

Vincii Collaboration

Tumi & Peng will soon be selling on Vincii but if you want to check them out so long you can visit their website.

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