Crocheting Kasa

Plus size model in Kasa

“It’s a shame I’m not Beyonce”.

If she were, Regina, founder of Kasa Knits and Krochets, would influence people to feel comfortable in their bodies – regardless of their shape, size or gender identity. But, there is only one Beyonce, so instead Regina crochets beautiful, sustainable garments with “lots and lots of love”. 

Starting Kasa at home

Regina’s grandmother taught her how to crochet and knit. Although her grandmother wanted her to pursue the craft as an occupation, Regina only crocheted as a side hustle to fund her studies. She was pursuing an accounting degree in Zimbabwe and looked down on crocheting, an activity for old people.

When Regina’s grandmother passed away, however, she turned to crocheting and knitting to honour her grandmother. From this grew a thriving business and Regina made it her main focus when she followed her husband to South Africa in 2019. To further honour her family Regina named her brand Kasa. K.A is Regina’s mother’s initials and S.A. her father’s.

Scallop crop top

The production process

All Kasa garments are hand made with 100% cotton yarn that is locally sourced. Regina has passed on her skills to her husband and is trying her best to teach her toddler daughter, who is part of every business venture (she proudly contributed to this interview). Kasa employs two additional people and Regina dreams of expanding her workforce in the near future. 

Regina founder of kaka
Regina crocheting

Going online as a Vincii pilot retailer

When we asked Regina why she decided to join Vincii as a pilot retailer, this was her response, “I’m excited to be part of something new, something starting from scratch. It’s great that you talk to us and understand our products”.  

We are excited to be the first e-commerce platform to host a Kasa store. Kasa products will be available on the Vincii App at launch, for now follow Kasa on Instagram.


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