Arragon: Innovating with Style

“A good time with family and friends and the feeling of watching a sunset with your favourite sundowner in your hand”. That’s the vibe that Vincii Beta retailer, Arragon, gives. 

Arragon belt
Arragon belt

The Story

Arragon created their first commercial product, a leather belt with a knife buckle, back in 2018. The goal was to bring new life and functionality to leather products. Then one night founder, Marno Nel, was at a ‘braai’ and wanted to open a beer and did not have a bottle opener.

“I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if I could open the beer with my belt buckle? So, I went back to the drawing board and redesigned the knife belt buckle to include a bottle opener.”

After being in operation for a while, Arragon realised people appreciate the high-quality leather they use in their belts. They took what they learned from making the belts and designed two different wallets.

The idea for Arragon’s ultra-soft, foldable leather tie came after they started receiving orders for weddings.

“We created one of the only foldable ties on the market to complete the elegant leather look for any occasion.” Marno told us. 

Leather belt, knife and bottle opener
Bottle opener

The Inspiration

In a world where everything is mass produced and companies cut corners on material cost to maximise profit, Arragon wants to challenge the norm and deliver a unique, premium quality, long lasting product to their customers.

In Marno’s words, “Arragon strives to provide products that are natural and long lasting, so that they will always be a part of your journey.”

The Product

All Arragon products are handmade using the best “vegetable” tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather refers to the tannage, or method of tanning the cowhide into leather. It’s called “vegetable” because of the natural tannins used in the tanning process like tree bark. It is one of the oldest methods of tanning and produces some of the sturdiest, most durable leathers available.

What makes Arragon’s products unique – other than their one-of-a-kind design of course?

Marno explains: “When you are cutting, punching and hand dying leather no two pieces are exactly the same. Marks on a hide gives character to the product, you cannot replicate exact markings. We try not to cover up any markings while crafting. They are what makes each piece exclusive and unique.”

Arragon tie
Leather wallet

Vincii's take on it

We love the Arragon brand and their products. Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, the person wearing an Arragon knife, bottle opener belt will definitely be the person with the coolest belt at the braai. You’re also guaranteed of a conversation starter. The Arragon ties and wallets are classic staples. They are also great as groomsmen gifts – especially if you want to give something your groomsmen will actually use again. 

All Arragon products will be available on Vincii when we launch. For now follow them on Instagram

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